Mila Kunis Does a Topless Photo Shoot (PICS)

2012 must be the year of the topless That 70’s Show alumni. Laura Prepon went topless earlier in the year in her new film “Lay the Favorite”.  This month Mila Kunis hits the newsstand topless in the new edition of Esquire Magazine.

The waifish Ukrainian bombshell did a series of pictures sans-top with her hands strategically covering her breasts. No Mila did not let them hang out ala Laura Prepon. Still, these lingerie and skin shots are quite impressive.

Mila Kunis is yet to do a nude scene. Laura Prepon now joins 70’s Show alumni Lisa Robin Kelly and Tanya Roberts who have both gotten naked on film.  Mr. Skin has a ton of uncensored pages on Tanya Roberts and Lisa Robin Kelly, so if you want to see their full sexy and nude filmography, check out Tanya here, Lisa Robin Kelly can be found here.

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