Power Metal Arrives In 2013 with Reverence

The original release date of “When Darkness Calls”, the new CD offering from Reverence, was in May 2012, however the exciting new promotions label at AllHardRock.com has brought this celebrated album to new heights. Entering 2013 with performance dates set and foreign shores chomping at the bit for more, Reverence now issues their CD with bonus features and added promotion.

The Metal-Archives writes, “Imagine, if you will, a 1980’s power metal base with touches of mid-period Metallica and a dash of Mercyful Fate. Reverence excels at creating an extremely listenable album, without any of the wankery of many contemporaries.”

It comes from years of experience. The musicians that have come together to create Reverence have long been known throughout the music industry since the foundation of the power metal genre. They have been the founders of the bands noted for creating that legendary power metal sound. MTV offered witness to the careers of Savatage, Crimson Glory and Tokyo Blade, all whom inspired young up and coming power metal fanatics to mold themselves into the passion and the sound that would be forever known as American Power Metal. It was only natural that as the modern progression of metal music commenced, these artists would work together to create new and defining work.

Reverence co-founder Bryan Holland states, “I got off the last Tokyo Blade tour and spent some time over the holidays deciding what I wanted to do and what direction to take. I knew I wanted to make a heavier band than Tokyo Blade and I started the search for a singer. I found Todd. We met and got a game plan together to create our own brand of classic 80’s metal, in the style of Headbanger’s Ball era artists like Judas Priest, Dio, Queensryche and even Savatage. It simply worked!”

Immediately extending the reach earned by their careers in music, the band took their new recording and line up on performance dates throughout 2012. The reception was tremendous and affirmed their decision to create Reverence as being a successful decision. In the new millennium, where mainstream media had failed to provide opportunity for original artists to air anything heavier than radio-pop, Reverence had opened a door to fans where they could find hope in the delivery of new songs, new albums and new bands to bring power metal back to it’s former glory. Throughout the Internet, reviews, websites, magazines and blogs all stood up and took notice. Reverence became a top-spinning album on Internet rock radio in an instant.

With the launching of his new promotions label, at http://www.allhardrock.com, founder and CEO Joe Dolan was prepared to do anything, including beg the band to be part of the new music revolution he has begun.

“I was simply blown away by the band. It is due to the audacity of artists like Reverence that I started All Hard Rock,” Joe Dolan shares. “There are few, if any, labels left that will offer publicity for artists who can’t immediately provide tens of thousands of sales. I created All Hard Rock for Reverence, and the thousands of artists who are making their name by themselves. I hope to create a community of rock support and I was prepared to beg Reverence to be part of what I am creating.”

It didn’t take begging at all. Like-minded artists and promoters have a knack for finding one another, and Reverence has teamed up with Joe Dolan’s All Hard Rock to provide fans an alternative download source for their music, as well as getting the worldwide press support they deserve as they bring their music to the fans.

Featured now on All Hard Rock’s website is the re-issued download of “When Darkness Calls.” The All Hard Rock release offers the band’s 11 studio recordings in a high quality 320kb MP3 format with 2 full resolution pro-shot videos and two printable promotional posters of the band for $5.99. All Hard Rock distributes the download, like iTunes, in 23 currencies and 191 continental outlets worldwide. The video and print work are an added bonus that the band offers for sales through All Hard Rock.

Reverence has plans for international touring throughout 2013 and fans are encouraged to join the band on Facebook as well as coming to http://www.allhardrock.com and signing up for the monthly label newsletter to keep up on related topics and prize give-aways.

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Hear and purchase the amazing album download with bonus features at http://www.allhardrock.com.