Snow White & the Huntsman Actress Lily Cole Topless on a Yacht (PICS)

Snow White & the Huntsman star and oft nude British model Lily Cole was recently photographed naked on a yacht. This is no surprise for anyone who has followed the career of the 25-year-old ginger model/actress. For most of Lily Cole’s over-exposed romp in the spotlight she has done so nude.

Cole has always embraced her nude modeling once stating “Nudity has always existed in art … it doesn’t necessarily ‘debase’ anymore than it celebrates … the human body”. We can only hope she keeps celebrating.

Mr. Skin lists Lily Cole as not yet taking it off for the movie camera like she has for fashion photographers. Still, she is no stranger to steaming up a camera lens as you can see here.   You can check out the unedited topless photos of Lily Cole on the yacht here .

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