Al Roker I Sharted Myself at the White House (Video)

In keeping with our policy of covering ONLY the most important news stories – we must report that Al Roker has shart himself at the Whitehouse. The NBC Today weather anchor was covering a press event shortly after his gastric bypass when the incident happened.

Big (or now little) Al said he had eaten something he should not have after his surgery. Stop the presses! An obese man ate something he should not have, that is breaking news right there. Al said he thought he could squeak out a fart at the press event only to give himself a fudgy surprise. Farting in the Whitehouse? Stay classy Al.

Roker said after feeling the warm fudge in his underpants he cleaned himself up in the Whitehouse bathroom. Roker then ditched his feces drenched underwear and proceeded to go commando for the rest of the day. Getting even classier Al.

The big questions are – is Today really a reputable news show? If so why the hell are they sending a weatherman to cover the Whitehouse? Unless President Barack Obama invoked executive privilege to make it rain, there is no reason for Al Roker to be in the Whitehouse to cover the news. Below is a video of Al giving us the dirt …um, or the mud on his Whitehouse, brown pants adventure.

Next time Al visits the Whitehouse he might want to try this product from SNL.