Guitar Gear Review: The Traveler Guitar MI-10 Mobile Interface

The Traveler Guitar MI-10 is a cost effective addition to your gig bag. This great little interface is a great way to get the most out of your mobile device or tablet. In reviewing the MI-10 we found the unit to be plug-and-play, our tablets and smart phones instantly recognized the device.

We use the interface with AmpKit by Agile Partners. The MI-10 gave us a noise-free connection and preserved all of the sound characteristics of the guitar. My Gibson Les Paul through the interface’s Marshall sounded identical to playing through my 100 watt combo.

Not only did we get immediate access to our guitar apps but the ¼” out allowed us to connect directly to our amp and usb computer recording interface. I set a very natural tone on my Fender Quad Reverb and plugged the MI-10 into the amp. Once again, no hum, buzz or other unwanted audio artifacts were present.  We also experienced no issues with latency. The MI-10 was just as easy to use with our tuner app and mobile recorder.

Through headphones, portable speakers or direct to the amp the MI-10 was a joy to work within each situation. It’s under $25 price tag makes this a must have for any gig bag.