NFL Beat the House Contest: Playoffs – Conference Finals Round 3 Results

It took a little over four and a half months, and 274 picks, to reach the finale of the 2012 edition of TMR Zoo’s Beat the House. Just like the NFL, after the final four battled it out, we are down to our two finalists. One of them will walk away with a brand new kegerator for their man room, courtesy of

In the third round of the Beat the House playoffs, all four of the semifinalists picked the exact same two teams to win the Conference finals… the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots. No matter what the result of the games were, the round would end in a tie, and therefore the tiebreaker rules go into effect.

The first tie-breaker was to select the total combined points scored by all four teams. One of our contestants almost nailed the total number, 93, exactly, with a 95. The remaining three contestants all were within 15 points of each other in the 105 to 119 range.

After the first tie-breaker, our two finalists are:
waruikaze and jerryd

To the two contestants leaving us, you are still the elite out of a field of thousands. We will get your contact information and send you a prize pack… but sorry, no kegerator fo you.

To our two finalists, Congratulations! You have two weeks to analyze and over-analyze your final pick. Since it is only one game, we’ll ask you for some additional guesses as tie-breakers. We’ll be in touch.

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