Impact Wrestling’s Bully Ray Has His Bachelor Party at Rick’s Cabaret NYC (PICS)

Wrestling Superstar Bully Ray, seen every week on Spike TV’s “Impact Wrestling” Show on Thursday nights, was all set to wed Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brooke Hogan. But first, his friends threw him a bachelor party at the famous Rick’s Cabaret New York gentlemen’s club.

The wedding didn’t take place when mayhem broke out during the televised nuptials. He may not have gotten married, but he had a bachelor party that those who attended will never forget.

“Bully Ray’s bachelor party was awesome,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Monica. “He’s got some great friends, and they asked for the best of everything and got it.”

“The champagne was flowing, and there were topless girls everywhere,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Jessie. “They really enjoyed the VIP Lounge and the new Deluxe Sky Box. There were so many hot girls, more than you could count. And we all loved Bully Ray–he was so nice.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Kimmy explains, “A lot of the guys were big beefy wrestlers, so our chef, Mr. Nestor, prepared some very hearty meals. Giant rib eye steaks and large lobsters were the favorites.”

Check out some of the action…

“There were some cool celebrities at the party,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Michelle. “We can’t reveal who was there because we respect everyone’s privacy, but I wish I could tell you because Bully Ray has some amazing friends. Let’s just say that there was someone who looked exactly liked Channing Tatum, someone who looked exactly like Nikki Sixx, someone who looked exactly like Zakk Wylde, and someone who looked exactly like Tommy Dreamer. But I’m not saying it was them, OK?”

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