Review: Shredding the Blues Helps Guitar Players Breakout to the Next Level

Shredding the Blues from Alfred Music Publishing is a nice departure from traditional speed trainers and shred guitar DVDs I have seen in the past. The typical route with these shred book/DVD sets is a neo-classical approach. While the neo-classical methodology is fine for many guitarists, it has never fit my style of playing.

Shredding the Blues combines my love for speed with what I feel are “warmer” and more soulful runs. Author and master guitarist Dave Martone gives the reader a no-nonsense approach to joining the ranks of guitarist like Eric Johnson, Gary Moore, and Zack Wylde.

Dave Martone pushes the reader in the deep end of the pool with these lessons; this book is not for the beginner. The DVD starts with basic arranging and chord theory. Martone smartly gives the student a great foundation in the structure of blues progressions.

The book then delves into single string runs and takes the reader through arpeggios, string skipping and a host of cool scales and patterns. The accompanying DVD clearly guides you through the riffs as Dave Martone reinforces the fact there are no shortcuts in becoming a shred guitarist. The book will show you the way; you will have to put in the work.

Dave Martone designed this book to challenge the guitar player, he admits he himself is still is working on some of the concepts discussed in the book. The text not only challenged me but also entertained me. I truly enjoyed the lessons in the book and the accompanying DVD.  Isn’t that the reason we all picked up the guitar in the first place, the pure enjoyment of playing the instrument? That and the hot chicks.

Shredding the Blues will not show you how to pick up hot chicks but this book will get you on the road to shredding guitar solos. This is a great book for guitarist of any intermediate to advanced level. Especially those of us that feel like they have plateaued or need to breakout to the next level.