Crown Royal and Playboy Playmate Jessa Hinton are Helping TMR Zoo make our Super Bowl 2013 Predictions

The great thing about the Super Bowl is that it allows us at TMR to get involved in some cool causes and promotions. This year we have partnered with Crown Royal (and Playboy Playmate Jessa Hinton) for what is our favorite game weekend promotion yet.

The folks at Crown Royal  embroidered an iconic Crown Royal camo bag with our predicted Super Bowl score and enlisted the help of stunning Playmate Jessa to help stuff it full of snacks.  The bag is being sent to a U.S. soldier serving overseas as part of the Crown Royal Heroes Project – an ongoing program aimed at honoring those who protect our freedoms every day.

Seeing that the TMR Staff is made up of ex-military and military families, we couldn’t be prouder to be part of this generous program. Neil Patrick Harris and Anna Faris have also got involved with the project, they both showed up for the bag stuffing party last night in New Orleans.


As you can see on the Crown Royal camo bag, the TMR Staff prediction for the final score of the big game is The Baltimore Ravens squeaking out the win 28 – 24 over the San Francisco 49ers. At the beginning of the season our in-house NFL odds and predictions expert Riot Boyer picked the Baltimore Ravens to walk away with the Lombardi Trophy. Check out his column “One of These Five NFL Teams WILL Win the Super Bowl this Year“, Riot is the Nostradamus of sports betting.

We hope all of you home and abroad enjoy the game with a bit of Crown Royal as we will be doing. Congratulations go out to both teams for playing on the biggest stage the NFL has to offer.

2/4/12 Edit: It looks like we got the pick right, but the score was a tad bit off. Oh well, lets all just look at more pics of Playmate Jessa Hinton…

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