This Month in Miss Howard Stern TV History – January (PICS)

Well, we are a week late in posting this in the month of January, but I’m sure you will enjoy the month’s Miss Howard TV history lesson nonetheless. “Miss Howard TV” is the (former) monthly spokes model crowned to represent Howard Stern’s On Demand cable channel, Howard TV.

Last month, we announced that the monthly crowning of Miss Howard TV was no more. The channel decided it was time to end the feature and move on to something new after a four-year run. However, we are still dedicated to bringing you our featured image galleries of these lovely ladies each month in “This Month in Miss Howard TV History”.

The month of January has brought us former Miss Howard TVs Danielle DeMarco (2008), Arbor Marie Bellochio (2009), “Alex” (Miss Howard TV January 2010) and Lena D. (2012). There was never a Miss Howard TV crowned for January 2011. You can check out the galleries of the girls by clicking on their image below:

Miss Howard TV Galleries:

Knowing the Howard Stern Show as well as I do, and the fact that Ronnie the limo driver Mund is on the staff, I’m sure the monthly feature will be replaced with something just as entertaining. Of course, we’ll be reporting on it, as always. For now, we will bring you these monthly history lessons.

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