Howard Stern’s Wife, Beth Ostrosky, Bikini Photoshoot in the Snow (VIDEO)

Howard Stern’s latest fetish appears to be photographing his wife… in the snow… in a bikini.

The northeastern part of the US was just hit with another snow storm and that means a few things are guaranteed… traffic delays, hours spent digging out vehicles and walkways, and Howard Stern will post pictures of his wife playing in the snow wearing just a bikini. And this time it is accompanied with some video.

Recently posted on was the video and pictures below that Howard Stern shot. Howard was quite impressed with himself when he previously shot a VERY good series of pics with his wife in varying states of undress frolicking in the snow.

Beth Stern appears to be a very good sport and looks great in the pics and video, but in the last few seconds of the clip, we see her dart inside after she makes some almost-nude angels in the freezing snow.

The video are pictures below are all featured on They are more artsy than over-the-top typical Stern babe pics, but nice nonetheless:

Beth Ostrosky Stern Bikini Snow Video:

Beth Stern Snow Photo Shoot:

The Howard Stern crew appears to be off this week, but thankfully has posted the goodies featured above. They are running Valentine’s Day-themed shows all week, entitled: “Whole Lotta Love”.

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You can see the full video and pictures of the Beth Stern bikini snow shoot here at