Review: Russell Crow and Al Pacino Star in Corporate Thriller “The Insider”

The 1999 thriller “The Insider” is set to be released on blu-ray DVD February 19th. Here at we were given a copy a bit early, to make sure that it is worth a buy.

If you are unfamiliar with “The Insider”, It is an award winning movie, based on the real life of Jeffery Wignad (Russell Crowe) and the events that unfold as he tries to blow the whistle on the tobacco companies in the 90’s. Wignad is encouraged and helped by CBS producer Lowell Bergman, portrayed by Al Pacino.

The film is a subtle thriller. Just when you think you know how it is going to work out, another twist emerges. It provides a very accurate detail of how hard it is to fight the tobacco industry by showcasing their legal power and influence over the media and even government agencies.

The effect of blue-ray really helps to create a feel for the stress and tension that is taking places. There is one scene specifically where Wignad is teetering on his sanity from a hotel room that overlooks his former tobacco company’s legal office. In this scene, the bags under the eyes of actor Russel Crowe are seen in full depth. It really makes you realize how stressed this character is.

I personally like my movies with explosions and half naked women, but “The Insider” is a nice change of pace that requires more concentration and attention to detail in order for you to fully enjoy the movie. This blu-ray version makes sure that you will not miss one single detail. It is definitely a must have for fans of the movie.

HD Trailer for Al Pacino in The Insider