This Is What the Drug Molly Does! MDMA Guys Gone Wild! (Video)

Here is another video from our fiends at World Star Hip Hop. This video is funny, disturbing, or scary depending on your point of view. The clip is two parts and shows two party boys high as kites on MDMA. The popular party drug is a powerful hallucinogenic that removes all fear and inhibitions.

Referred to as “molly” or “mandy” in the club and rave circuit this drug gets the user high by slowly cooking their brain. I am sure the guy in the first clip is praying to god that no future employer or sexual conquest ever sees this video.

The second guy in the video is just as bad, yet a bit more subdued than party boy number 1. Obviously, the worst side effect of MDMA is it makes the user listed to the shittiest music ever created. The unlistenable crap pumping out of this clip almost forces you to watch this on mute.

You might want to get the kids in the room for this one, WSHH has given us the most powerful say no to drugs video to date.

This Is What Molly Does! MDMA Guys Gone Wild!