Review: Titan Kre-Ex May Improve Strength and Power

Creatine enables muscle cells to contract more often by providing the cells with more molecular energy. Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes lactic acid and delays the moment at which muscle cells start to function less efficiently as a result of a higher degree of acidity. Sports scientists have tested both substances exhaustively and demonstrated their effectiveness independently.

It would seem obvious then that it’s worth combining sodium bicarbonate with creatine. The combined supplement was found to work better than creatine on its own. Peak power increased by a significant amount in the combined group but not in the creatine only group. The relative peak power [peak power per kg body weight] is maintained better in the combined group than in the other test groups as well.

Try Titan Nutrition’s Kre-Ex pre-workout which includes creatine and sodium bicarbonate as well as an array of other compounds designed to improve performance.

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