Lets Get 420 Smokin’ with a Lil’ Bit of Jay B – Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools” (Smoke Edition)

We are going to kick off 420 with this phenomenal smoked-out video from “Get Money Boys” artist Jay B.

Jay B’s profile on the label’s website has this bio: “Money is what makes the world go round”, or at least that’s what they say. For some people, the goal is to simply make it, and for other’s it’s a “get rich or die trying” kind of scenario. Jay B combines the two in a unique way and draw’s a realistic picture of a young rich kid who is chasing his dreams and getting money while doing it.

His message is what he has been thru and what he looks to in the future. Jay B’s lyrics lay out several of the path’s of life you might find one day find yourself on. This is what makes him so relatable to the future generations of Hip Hop and Rap. His own path led him to being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at age 18. Overnight everything had to be re-evaluated, but instead of giving up, he fought back and stayed strong. He learned how to handle the challenges life has thrown at him, and overcome obstacles successfully.

  Currently signed to the label GBM, short for “Get Money Boyz”, he is surrounded by other talented artists such as Big Nutt, B-Zo tha Bagman & Gotti. The name symbolizes who they are and the goal of obtaining money brings them together. The strategically thought out game plan mixed with grown man business is what keeps them together. Jay B has been influenced by some of the greatest emcees including Tupac, Ice Cube, Brotha Lynch Hung, NWA, Nas, Eminem and 50 cent. He has combined the best of Hip Hop and Rap to learn from and it shows in his music. The first single to look out for is, “Love being Rich” ft. Youngbreed. The title sum’s it up nicely, he loves being rich! Cozmo produced the second single “Got Work” and the third single “Clikk Clakk” is ft. Brotha Lynch Hung.

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