Melissa King, Former Miss Teen Delaware USA, Given One Year Probation (Bikini Pic)

Melissa King, the former Miss Teen Delaware USA forced to step down over an alleged porn sex tape video surfacing, was given one year probation in Maryland for underage alcohol violations. King was charged with underage alcohol consumption and theft. A charge of theft regarding bus fare was dropped. We reported on the Melissa King alleged sex tape back in February as soon as the story broke.

While addressing the press outside the courthouse yesterday, King and her attorney, Greg Hannigan, refused to answer any questions regarding the porn video, calling the inquiries “rude or invasive”.


You’ve probably heard all of the news reports on the tape and the probation by now, so we figured we’d just state a few facts and post a pic of Melissa King in a bikini.

Click the image below to see the full-sized version as it originally appeared on Twitter:

Melissa King hot bikini pic

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