Tennessee Inmates Video Themselves Smoking Weed, Eating Delivery Pizza and Posting to Facebook

Prison is supposedly a punishment. Across the country, videos posted on social media sites have shown the contrary. A video of New Orleans inmates smoking pot and drinking beers from an iced down cooler recently caused an up roar in Louisiana. This series of videos and pictures from Tennessee prison shows the problem is nationwide.

A Channel 4 I-Team from WSMV investigation reveals more than 100 inmates in Nashville Tennessee prisons operating their own Facebook pages, displaying photos and videos of drugs, cash, and parties while they are behind bars. One inmate rubs the ease of prison life in our faces telling us viewers that prison is supposed to be tough but “this shit ain’t bad”.

After watching this video of rapists, murderers and convicted felons playing with their iPhones, smoking weed, watching TV and feasting on junk food I hope you are as infuriated as I was. Take a look here of your tax dollars at work.

WSMV Channel 4