Farrah Abraham Sex Tape is Released (Preview Pics)

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape preview post image

The Farrah Abraham sex tape was officially released by Vivid Entertainment on vivid.com. The video is featured in their celebrity sex tape section, vividceleb.com.

Maybe this should be posted as one of our “Who the Hell is” babe features, because I really had no idea who Farrah Abraham was prior to hearing the buzz about a sex tape being shot. Upon further review I learned that Farrah is/was a reality show star with a smokin’ hot bod and therefore my interest was piqued.

After a little back-and-forth in the media regarding the existence of the sex tape, it was confirmed by the participants (Farrah Abraham and James Deen) and sold to the highest bidder, Vivid Entertainment. There were a few teasers last week and all sensors pointed to this being a full-blown porn scene and not a private sex tape.

Confirming that suspicion is the name of the video… Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.

Below are some teaser screen cap pics that were featured on Vivid.com. Click any thumbnail image below to see the full-sized and uncensored pic:

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Preview Pics:

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To check out the preview video, or to purchase Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, check out farrahsuperstar.vividceleb.com. Be sure to also check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare naked wardrobe malfunctions here.

We haven’t seen the full Sarah Abraham sex tape yet, but if is a hit, I’m sure we will be seeing much more of this gal in the future… I don’t know how much more we can see that we wouldn’t have already, but girls like this just can’t stop. We might be seeing another ‘Octomom’ situation where she could win multiple awards for her porn debut.