Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington joins Stone Temple Pilots (New Song Preview)

Okay… so it actually sounds kinda cool, and the sonic fingerprint of the DeLeo brothers behind the “STP sound” is still there. But Chester, while being eminently suited for nu-metal vocal styles (don’t get me started on the limp musical direction Linkin Park has taken in recent years), just doesn’t cut it for me here. Sure, he’s a good singer, but it sounds like a) he’s trying – unsuccessfully – to channel Scott, and b) well, that’s it really.

At least Scott had the good sense to start a new band altogether when he split off to Velvet Revolver. But I get the sense that the DeLeo brothers, who have never quite been as squarely in the spotlight as Scott, would have trouble getting people interested in new projects that didn’t bear the name “STP” – but maybe they should try?

As far as I know, it hasn’t been confirmed that Chester will actually be joining the band full time, but with the publicity shots, the website splash, the recent live gig with him fronting, and the recorded song… it sure seems highly likely.

Let’s see what happens. 2013′s biggest WTF moment?! What’s your take??

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