Watch the Xbox 720 Reveal Live Stream

You can watch the Xbox reveal live at in their live stream, or via the embedded player below. The Xbox Reveal Event, featuring the first look at the next generation of the Xbox console, kicks off at 10am PST / 1pm EST and streaming has already started.

Some of the questions that will be answered today are “what will the official name of the system be?” (Xbox 720, Xbox Fusion, Xbox Durango, Xbox 8, Xbox Infinite or Xbox Infinity have all been kicked around) and “when is the expected release date?”

You can also watch the event via the embedded stream below:

Xbox 720 Reveal Event Live Stream:

I’m sure every gaming and non-gaming outlet will be reporting on the details after the reveal, but you can get the official work over at the official Xbox site, For all of our gaming coverage, click here.

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