Spy Games: Spy Optic Releases New Sunglass Styles for 2013

I am going to make a confession here today. I am a sunglass junkie there I said it. No, I do not primp and accessorize before leaving the house. I do make sure I am wearing the right shades. Nothing finishes your look off like a great pair of sunglasses. Look at the classics, James Bond, Jim Morrison; even Elvis always had a great pair of shades.

The thing is, a person really needs more than one pair of great sunglasses. Picture yourself in your best suit. Now picture yourself in your best suit with Elvis’ sunglasses. You look like a clown don’t you? That is because there are different styles for different situations.

Sunglass designers are making sunglasses for sport, fashion, and even business. So why limit yourself to one pair for all your looks?

Today I want to introduce you to a couple of great pairs of frames. Spy Optic has the distinction of having one of the largest selections of quality frames for men and women. It is not just the mesmerizing amount of styles and shapes available from Spy Optic but also the array of finishes and lenses. The great thing about this brand is the value.

Spy Optics are priced in a range that allows you to pick up a great pair of sport shades and still have money left over to get those fashion frames to go with your best suit, you feeling me Elvis. Here are a few options from Spy Optics to help you look your best from the boardroom to the bowling alley.

The Colt is a great pair of futuristic looking sport shades. The wrap around design holds securely to your head while chasing down foul balls. If by chance they do slip off your head the Colt are built from bomb-proof Grilamid. How is that for a bit of James Bond action, bomb-proof shades. Despite being made out of this space-aged material the Colt are incredibly light and  comfortable with anchored ear-pieces and scalloped temples.

The Colt come in 8 different finishes ranging from classic black-on-black to funky finishes like white and matte smoke tort. All are emblazoned with the classic SPY+ cross on the temple.

1273_strawberry_fields_bronze_l_zWant to get classic? Check out the Discord. They are an awesome throwback design with 13 updated color options. The black rose tort frames are cool enough for the skate park while exuding enough class to compliment your sharpest suit. Want to unleash your inner wild child? Check out the blazing red Discord frames in the strawberry fields style.

Style, value, and comfort Spy Optic has it all to finish off all of your summer looks. Want to see for yourself check them out at SpyOptic.com