Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girls Join Ronnie the Limo Driver at ‘One Fund’ Event (PICS)

The state of Rhode Island is home to many motorcycle enthusiasts and there is little wonder why. From picturesque little towns, and long stretches of coastal highway with spectacular views of the ocean, to vibrant, modern cities – the Ocean State’s roads wind through many beautiful places.

“Ronnie the Limo Driver” Mund from the Howard Stern Show, and a group of lovely Rick’s Cabaret New York City Girls volunteered their time to help raise funds for a worthy cause… The Boston “One Fund.” The proceeds will be distributed to the victims and families of the Boston Marathon bombings.

The outdoor fundraiser featured a morning Motorcycle Run and live entertainment all afternoon on the main stage. “Ronnie the Limo Driver” led a celebrity auction of merchandise, tickets and motorcycle-related items. He also gave a touching speech about the Boston tragedy, which spurred even higher bids and helped raise more money.

The Rick’s Cabaret Girls sold raffles and helped with the auction. Photos of the beautiful Rick’s Cabaret Girls posing on the Motorcycles were also in demand.

“It’s important to help out the victims of the Boston bombing,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Kelsey. “We are always ready to do our part for a worthy cause.”

Rick’s Cabaret Girl Kylie said, “Being with Ronnie is awesome. We were all there for a good cause, and Ronnie really motivated the crowd to dig into their pockets and donate some money for the Boston One Fund.”

The Rick’s Cabaret Girls were busy selling books of raffle tickets to the large crowd. “I know that not only did Ronnie donate all his time, but he kept spending his own money buying tons of raffle tickets. He’s just a great guy,” explained Rick’s Cabaret Girl Tanya.

“Oh, and Rick’s Cabaret donated a gift certificate for dinner at our second floor steakhouse which was auctioned off to a high bidder,” said Rick’s Cabaret Girl Hana. “I promised him that he would have a great night at the club. But that’s easy… everyone always has a great time at Rick’s Cabaret!”

Photos of the girls, and Ronnie, can be seen below:

Rick’s Cabaret NYC Girls and Ronnie the Limo Driver Image Gallery:

The event was held at “Indian Motorcylces” in Union, New Jersey.

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