San Diego Chargers Sign D.J. Fluker to Four-Year Contract

News out of San Diego is that the Chargers have signed D.J. Fluker to a four-year, 11.4 million dollar contract. Fluker was selected by the Chargers with their first round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft and was picked 11th overall.

Fluker was the sixth and final draft pick to sign in San Diego, so the Chargers have secured their entire 2013 draft class, including the controversial second round pick, Manti Te’o.

Fluker is the sixth first round pick from the 2013 class to sign. As most teams are now in the middle of their OTAs, it is expected that the signings of the remaining draftees will now come fast and furious. The Pittsburgh Steelers signed their first round pick, Jarvis Jones, earlier in the week.

D.J. Fluker – 2013 NFL Draft Profile :

That is six down, 26 more first round draft picks to go. If you think you know who will be the very last first round draft pick to sign, make your guess in our First Pick/Last signed contest.