Sexy Pamela Anderson Commercial Ad is Banned in UK (VIDEO)

Great Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that a commercial featuring Pamela Anderson is too offensive to broadcast so they had the ad banned in the UK. The banned ad is for a web hosting service called “Crazy Domains”.

The reason given for the banning is that the Pam Anderson commercial is “sexist and demeaning to women.” You can see the full commercial video below.

We certainly are not going to debate what is “sexist” and/or “demeaning to women” here at, but we do find this banned ad shocking… shocking in that a commercial being described as the “Pamela Anderson Banned Ad” features more of a second hot brunette babe than it does Pam.

Who the hell is this girl? I’m sure Cletus will be telling us soon enough in his “Who the Hell is?” column, but for now we have to settle for just the video below:

Pamela Anderson Commercial Banned in UK:

Even more shocking is that you could make a case that there is a body double in there for Pamela Anderson during the “cream dream” sequence since you don’t see the face and body together on screen at any time. I know Pam is 45, but it is Pam freakin’ Anderson… a woman whose claim to fame is her face and body.