This Month in Miss Howard TV History – June (PICS)

June appears to be a pretty “tame” month in the history of the Miss Howard TV crown. Usually we’d find at least one “cam girl” or full-blown porn star, but it appears that mostly models were named Miss Howard TV in the month of June. Some did nude modelling, but that is pretty tame when it comes to this title. “Miss Howard TV” is a title that the Howard Stern show formerly gave to a spokes model each month to promote Stern’s On Demand Cable channel.

Working backwards, the last spokes model for Howard TV in June, was Melinda Barefoot, in 2012. Melinda is rocking a gorgeous bod and appears to be focused on mainstream modeling. Before her, it was Chiara Strzesiewski, in 2011. If anything, June had some uniquely-named Miss Howard TVs. Chiara is a dancer/model.

In June 2010, it was Corin Riggs who was named Miss Howard TV. You can find Corin in much less clothing than the previous two girls mentioned since she has some Playboy shoots in her resume. Finally, in 2009, Marie Blanchard earned the June title. She is a quite striking Haitian beauty who appears to have some mainstream modeling under her belt. Marie was also nude (as a stripper) in the movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

You can find galleries of the girls below. They are in the order they were named from left to right, Marie Blanchard, Corin Riggs, Chiara Strzesiewski and Melinda Barefoot. Click any image to see the full hot photo gallery as originally posted:

Miss Howard TV Galleries – June:

marie blanchard gallery corin-riggs-gallery Chiara-Strzesiewski-gallery melinda-barefoot-gallery

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