Moog Music’s Filtatron and Animoog iOS Applications Pack a Ton of Power for Short Money

Nothing sounds like a MOOG. That is a fairly bold and vague statement seeing the vast product offerings of this company. Moog is also one of the most imitated manufactures in the history of music. There is one constant in all of Moog’s products from the legendary Mini Moog to the Slim Phatty, even with their new stomp boxes – warmth. So it was no surprise to me when I demoed Moog Music’s new iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad that Moog packed their legendary tone into my tiny iPhone.

Plugging my iPhone into my keyboard amp via an audio adaptor, I was soon shaking the house with earthquake like bass. When using these apps you soon realize – these Moog apps are powerful musical tools and in no way the next Angry Birds.

The Filtatron ($7.99 on the iTunes store) is a cool music tool. The variable parameters including pitch are controlled by gliding your finger on the touchpad. This gives the Filtatron a Theremin like feel to the interface. Built in amp controls featuring distortion and delay add an evil funk to the app giving you a huge palette of tone.

The Animoog ($29.99 on the iTunes store) packs a lot of processor power. This synthesizer has a huge library of classic and modern Moog timbers delivered classic MOOG synth engine. Think of this as a Minimoog you can carry around in your pocket.

Used with an iPad both apps can be a practical gigging application. Even used on the iPhone the apps are serviceable but may prove challenging in live situations for those of you like me with fat sausage fingers. Make no mistakes both the iPhone and iPad versions of the Filtatron and Animoog are perfect for any type of music production or recording.