Review: Maui Jim Hot Sands – Clearer and Crisp with an Amazing Brilliance

I must admit when it comes to fashion I am a creature of habit. I have been rocking the same Converse Chuck Taylors, jeans, and tee shirts since I was 12. It is hard for me at times to step out of my comfort zone. The same can be said for me when it comes to my sunglasses. I tend to gravitate towards the classic throwback black frames or a pair of aviators year after year, yes since I was 12.

Sometimes I need a gentle but firm push out of my comfort zone and Maui Jim has provided that nudge with this year’s hottest frames – Hot Sands.

When first trying on the Maui Jim Hot Sands I instantly got the reassuring vote from my wife.  Her “those glasses look great on you” statement holds a lot of weight seeing she is quick to tell me if I am wearing anything, she finds to be unfashionable.

Looking through the lens of the Hot Sands from my perspective is a completely different experience.  Every pair of Maui Jim sunglasses feature the company’s patented, color-infused lens. These lenses give the wearer a high-definition like experience when wearing them. Everything is clearer and crisp with an amazing brilliance.

The high tech looking frames are ultra light and comfortable. A spring like give to the frames holds them snugly on your head.  The frames are also outfitted with non-slip temples and nosepads giving you the confidence to wear these shades during aggressive activities.

Making these frames, even more impressive is their Grilamid construction.  Grilamid is lightweight and flexible but incredibly durable. The Grilamid is finished with an oleophobic coating. This coating sheds water and snow and repels grease and smudges. Perfect for you folks with an active lifestyle or total slobs like I.

I can confidently say that from the neck up, I am on the cutting edge of fashion. Everywhere I go I get compliments on the Maui Jim Hot Sands; everyone that tries them on is instantly blown away.  The Hot Sands even look great with my Converse Chuck Taylors, jeans, and tee shirts.

Maui Jim Hot Sands – Welcome to Color: