Kate Moss Goes Commando: Naked in T-Shirt with NO Bottoms (PIC)

Kate Moss is no shrinking violet. The unlikely top fashion model has been photographed nude on multiple occasions. The reason we say Kate is an “unlikely” top model is the waifish little Kate does not look like her lanky contemporaries. Kate Moss also has a down to earth rough-and-tumble attitude to her. Kate Moss seems like the kind of woman that would go pint for pint with a guy at the pub then take him home and bang him into a coma.

Approaching 40, the blond bombshell, mother of one shows no signs of slowing down. Looking just as hot, if not hotter as the twenty somethings she competes for work against. This shoot for Versace is a testament to that hotness.

Kate Moss was photographed shooting this Versace ad in a wearing a see through tee-shirt, nipples screaming and pretty much nothing else. I am guessing Versace is selling tee-shirts and boots this season. They sure as hell are not selling panties.

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