Music Reviw: A Half Bubble off Plumb by MC3

A Half Bubble off Plumb by MC3 (no relation to the Motor City 5 or MC5) is a new CD from Mr. Curt of Pastiche / the EXIs and friends Marty White, Clara Kebabian along with percussionist Goss.

Mr. Curt has always delved into the esoteric, in both music and inspirations, and “Dear Friends” opens up this 11 song collection with those sentiments and more. If the new Mark Lindsay (of Paul Revere & The Raiders) CD could be considered a “Marvel Pop Art Production” comic book turned record album (by way of the Nuggets compilation), Mr. Curt and Clara Kebabian teaming up is Art-Rock meets country punk. The final track, “Cloud of Ease”, takes the listener into the realm of sound, something that many artists forget about in trying to write a mainstream masterpiece (or a hit song to make millions and millions of dollars). The experimental positioning of “Are We There Yet” resembles early Small Faces meets early Deep Purple (pre-Heavy Metal face, of course, when they were a charming British prog rock outfit stretching the boundaries) at their most adventurous “Geronimo”, on the other hand, is right out of Cowboy Junkies meets Roger McGuinn, a delightful pop slice that is most commercial, so much so that it jumps off the disc as a radio friendly strum with heartfelt vocals and fun movement.

With Marty White of Third Rail on bass, Goss just added on drums, the drama is complete (making it MC4…if they expand MC4 will have to add two more musicians to keep John Sinclair (manager of proto-punk-band MC5)and the boys from protesting). This blend helps drive Clara’s voice on the easy listening “Peonies” (if indeed Goss was in the mix at the time of the recording). “The Grandfather” needs to be covered by Yoko Ono and sons on her next outing while “Are We There Yet” cries for Ornette Coleman’s alto saxophone.

It’s fun to have veterans like Mr. Curt and Marty White back and doing such significant work, with Clara Kebabian shining as a unique and important voice that makes Mc3 or Mc4 or Mc600 look like an interesting prospect when they hit the club scene.

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