Review: Dick’s Cottons SoCal Flat Top Wayfarer – Great Glasses, Great Styles at Amazing Prices

We are in the midst of a record-breaking heat wave in Boston as is the rest of the Northeast. Blazing temperatures are oppressive as the scorching sun is slowly baking all it touches. As we, New Englanders head off to the waterparks and beaches for a little relief we are coating our bodies in SPF 45 and protect our heads with silly floppy hats. At this point, you would think you are all set for the sun and fully protected, but not so fast. What about your eyes?

Sun worshipers will churn through endless pages on the internet researching sun block and sunscreens for the ultimate protection. However, when it comes to their eyes these same folks pop on a pair of mass-produced fashion shades and head out into the sun. Not the brightest move – it is possible to look cool and be safe.

If you are looking for the perfect balance of style and protection, I suggest you checkout fashion retailer Dick’s Cottons. Dick’s Cottons has a huge selection of trucker hats, snapbacks, tee shirts, and apparel, all sporting a cool summer vibe.  Dick’s Cottons also has a great collection of smartly price hip looking high quality sunglasses.  Let’s take a closer look at one of these styles, Dick’s Cottons SoCal Flat Top Wayfarer.

Dick’s Cottons SoCal Flat Top Wayfarer is a classic style with a few modern upgrades. As the name implies the top of the glasses are flat giving them a unique look. You will stand out in the crowd with these shades, the colored mirrored lens and cool styling lets people know you are not a sheep wearing the same sunnies people have been rocking since the release of Tom Cruise’s 80’s hit Risky Business.

Dick’s Cottons’ SoCal Flat Top Wayfarer sport handmade Acetate frames with logo plaque on both temples. The CR-39 Mirrored Lens allows for crisp & clear vision while giving the wearer 100% UVA/UVB protection. Putting on these amazing sunglasses the wearer is instantly transformed. Through the lens of Dick’s Cottons’ sunglasses everything seems like it is in high definition.  The frames are comfortable and rigid letting you know you are wearing a quality pair of glasses.

Making Dick’s Cottons more attractive is the price. Dick’s Cottons is currently holding a summer sale; some of their amazing glasses are available for as little as $15! Even the ever so popular SoCal Flat Top Wayfarers have been slashed in price. Do yourself and your eyes a favor and head over to and pick up a pair of these great shades.