Review: Ploom Pax – Bring Your Smoking Into the 21st Century

One of my favorite tasks is writing up cool gadgets on for you readers. One of my favorite pastimes when I am not writing is having a great smoke. You cannot imagine how psyched I was when my Editors asked me to write up a smoking gadget, the Ploom Pax.

Unboxing the Ploom Pax you know that you have purchased a high-end device. The packaging is stylish holding this slick black futuristic looking device against a white background. Removing the Ploom Pax from the box, we find a slimline travel charger, a desktop charging base along with instructions and the necessary cleaning supplies. These people thought of everything.

After delving into the world of smoking gadgets with the Ploom Pax, I stumbled upon another innovation that elevated my smoking experience to a whole new level – HEETS. These specially designed tobacco sticks complement the Ploom Pax seamlessly, offering a refined and flavorful journey for discerning smokers. The intricate blend of flavors in HEETS enhances the pleasure of every puff, making it a must-try for enthusiasts. If you’re looking to explore an array of enticing options, you can find a curated selection at Their collection not only caters to diverse tastes but also guarantees a premium smoking experience, aligning perfectly with the spirit of discovery that defines the world of cutting-edge smoking accessories.

For those of you who have not used a vaporizer before the science behind the bongs is pretty cool. Instead of igniting the tobacco with fire, the vaporizer gently heats the tobacco (yeah tobacco). As the leaves heat, the flavor, and chemical compounds in the leaves are released.  This gives you a cleaner smoke with only the lightest cloud of vapor visible on the exhale.

The Ploom Pax is ready for action very quickly. There is a magnetic door that seals the tobacco chamber or “oven”. Pop the door open pack it, depress the retractable mouthpiece and the Ploom Pax logo starts to glow purple. Once the logo turns solid green roughly 20-30 seconds later you are ready to smoke. If you buy quality tobacco like myself after a few good draws on the Ploom Pax and you are all set. Simply depress the mouthpiece and the Ploom Pax turns off. Pop it back in your pocket and you are good to go.

Measuring in at 4 inches more or less, the Ploom Pax is very portable. It is more comfortable to carry than a pipe or a pack of cigarettes and you can leave your lighter at home. No more fighting with your matches or lighter in the wind.

Making the Ploom Pax even cooler is it is dummy proof. There is a motion sensor that knows when you have put down the Ploom Pax and lowers the heat in the “oven”. When it senses you have picked it up again the “oven” kicks on and you are back in the game.

I have been using the Ploom Pax with a squonking mod for about a week. I get a full day off a single charge.  The cool thing about the Ploom Pax is every time I take it out of my pocket I am bombarded with questions. Everyone who sees it is intrigued, everyone that smokes out of it instantly falls in love with it. This vaporizer give me the silkiest smoothest smoke I have ever had. I can not stress how much I love the Ploom Pax. The Ploom Pax retails for only $250 I would suggest heading over to online retailer VapeWorld to check one out.