Visionnaire Fountain Pens Make Low-tech Stylish Again

When cranking out columns for I am stuck in front of a glowing terminal banging away on this plastic keyboard. The simple truth is that writers no longer write. Gone are the days when writers would put pen to paper and let the ink flow as a stream of consciousness would slowly form on a piece of paper.

My memory flashes back to many long nights hunched over music manuscript with a hodgepodge of calligraphy pens. Carefully stacking notes on stems making sure each flag has the perfect flourish. Painstaking? No. A lost art form without a doubt. Playing music is an art form, writing music is turning audible art to visual art.

It seems we have lost that connection that bonds heart and mind to paper. Heartfelt words are now sent by text and email. Business contracts are signed by electronic signature. It is time to turn the tide on this trend before it is too late.

Visionnaire a manufacturer of high-quality fountain pens has joined the throngs of high-tech companies on  Kickstarter. This campaign by the defenders of low-tech, Visionnaire Fountain Pens, has already raised $269,456 in just over a month.

“Our goal with Visionnaire is simple, to provide a high-quality fountain pen at an affordable price for the visionaries of today,” says Morgan Combes, founder of Visionnaire. “My hope is that people will feel comfortable using this pen every day. I want it to become an essential part of people’s lives, creating memories along the way.”

High-end pens have not gone the way of the dinosaur there are still many specialty retailer that carry them. The problem is a nice pen can cost more than a decent laptop these days.  Visionnaire is making high quality pens available and affordable, offering a top quality option for $45. These pens are affordable but also sharp; Visionnaire comes in Noir (obsidian lacquer finish) or Chrome (chrome plated). Both styles boast features and beauty usually reserved for their laptop priced counterparts.

Check out the Visionnaire Kickstarter and pick one of these great pens. Trust me, you will feel more empowered when you sign your next business contract, write a piece of manuscript or craft a heartfelt message for a loved one.

Visionnaire Fountain Pens: