NFL Preseason 2013 Live: New England Patriots Fans Get Ready for Tebow Time!

As a Miami Dolphins fan I seem to be more excited for this Philadelphia Eagles v. New England Patriots pre-season game than the Pats fans. There are a few storylines in tonight’s game that I find interesting, the most intriguing…Tebow.

Tebow has not had quality time under center since his unexpected playoff run with the Denver Broncos in 2011. If his name was not Tim Tebow and the veteran QB riding into town was not Payton Manning, Tebow would have had a starting job in Denver last year. Tim landed in the circus that was the Jets last year and was only used during garbage-time, special teams and gadget plays. The ex-Gator never got a chance to prove his worth.

So here we are beginning the 2013 season and Tim Tebow finds himself playing Quarterback for a Super Bowl contender. The problem with this situation is Tim Tebow will never hit the field with the New England Patriots during the regular season. Not as long as Tom Brady still breaths. Timmy Tebow has a better chance of banging Gisele Bundchen than he does getting Tom Brady’s job. With just four weeks to prove to the world he is a viable QB Tim Tebow needs to get it done tonight or he will fade into obscurity another year.

Tebow’s biggest hurdle tonight is he will be the 3rd Quarterback to hit the field. By the time Tim hits the turf late in the game, all of the starting tight ends and wide receivers should be on the bench sipping Gatorade. That is how it typically works but The Patriots don’t have starting tight ends and wide receivers.

The only true starter on the Patriots depth chart is Danny Amendola, Amendola could get rotated in and out of different sets all night. There is a slight possibility he could catch a Tebow ball. I would imagine the coaching staff would like to see more of Julian Edelman tonight. Seeing Julian Edelman is coming off of an injury I don’t think we will see much of him if we see him at all. However, I wish Mr. Tebow the best and hope he lights it up tonight.

You may ask as a Dolphins fan why I would like to see Tim Tebow shine tonight. The answer is simple; to see Rex Ryan and the Jets with egg on their face once again. What will be the reaction of the Jets fans if Tebow lights it up tonight and the rest of pre-season? I get the felling Gang Green would be screaming for Rex Ryan’s head and rightfully so. Rex Ryan decided to live or die by his butt-fumbling QB Sanchez, Rex didn’t die but his career is on life support.

The other interesting storyline to watch tonight is Tight End Jake Ballard. When TE Rob Gronkowski went under the knife Jake Ballard looked to be a great pickup by Coach Belichick. When Aaron Hernandez was arrested and incarcerated on suspicion of murder, Jake Ballard’s fantasy stock skyrocketed. The problem is Jake has not played a NFL game in over a year and has looked sluggish so far in training camp.

It would not surprise me to see Jake Ballard log a lot of downs in this game tonight. Bill Belichick will want to see if Jake still has the endurance to perform at a top level in the NFL. Tonight could be Jake’s coming out party as a Patriot, smart money says the coming out party will be for another franchise.

This is it folks NFL football. Vick vs. Foles, Jake Ballard’s coming out party, Amendola replacing Welker and freaking Tebow Time in New England. Are you ready for some football!