Howard Stern Defends A-Rod, Opposes Suspension (VIDEO)

This morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show, Howard delivered some pretty passionate words regarding the pending suspension of the New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez. Typically, you could write a Howard Stern sports rant off to blatant New York homerism, but this he did have some pretty compelling reasons why he supported A-Rod.

In a nutshell, Howard claimed the suspension was more a result of the Yankees not wanting to pay Rodriguez the remaining money on his contract, rather than a banned substance punishment. He spoke in general terms as if it was a league-wide conspiracy with all of teams of the banned players. His solution for fairness? Test every single player in the league and throw out everyone who tests positive.

Defending A-Rod is not a very popular stance at the moment, with only other controversial figures doing so, such as Mark Cuban… who strongly voiced his support on the Tonight Show.

Howard’s words about not paying out a contract struck a familiar chord as SiriusXM did the same him with some of his contract incentives, and a judge backed the company up.

The complete discussion can only be seen on Howard TV On Demand starting tomorrow, but the following preview clip is available now:

Howard Stern Defends A-Rod:

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