Enter Our 2013 ‘Beat the House’ Free NFL Football Pool

The 2013 NFL Football season is upon us and therefore the 2013 edition of our exclusive free football pool, ‘Beat the House’ is officially open and we are ready to receive your predictions. If you are a seasoned veteran of Beat the House, feel free to jump right in. If you are a rookie, and even if you are not a rookie, read on to see how we’ve taken this contest to a new level once again.

Each week throughout the 2013 NFL season, our in-house football expert will make his picks. To enter the contest, you simply do the same and keep doing it for all 17 weeks. The ultimate goal is to be in the top ten in picks at the end of the regular season, which will guarantee you a spot in the Beat the House playoffs.

In addition to the top ten, six wild card playoff spots are available. They will be awarded for various achievements throughout the regular season. Two Wildcard playoff spots are reserved for the top two members who have liked the Beat the House Facebook Page but are not in the top 10… so you can make the playoffs even if you are not in the top ten.

The Beat the House Playoffs will coincide with the NFL Playoffs. Playoff contestants will be asked to predict the playoff results along with various tie-breakers. Each round, the playoff field will be cut in half until the final two members remaining will be asked to pick the Super Bowl winner, score and other related outcomes. The ultimate Beat the House tiebreaker will be overall correct picks on the season.

The last man or woman standing at the end of the 2013 edition of Beat the House will receive a pair of tickets to Super Bowl 48 in New York, courtesy of Crown Royal. You must be 21 or older to win the grand prize. The prize is the tickets only, all other travel and lodging arrangements are the winner’s responsibility.

The “Final Four” contestants in our playoffs, which will be after the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, will each receive a pair of high quality sunglasses from Maui Jim.

All weekly prizes and Random will be announced at the time they are eligible to be won. The requirements for winning one of these prizes will be announced at the time as well. It is best to “like” the Beat the House Facebook Page for special prize eligibility updates and reminders to get your weekly picks in.


To quote Mickey Goldmill from the Rocky movies… Whatta we waitin’ fer? Get your picks in! Think about it… you could be watching the Super Bowl AT the Super Bowl this year and not at some crappy party. Good Luck!