Adam Rivera: SuperAuspicious & Rorschach Radiowaves: CD Reviews

Adam Rivera- SuperAuspicious

It’s been fourteen years and counting since Adam Rivera’s debut the Oceanside EP (released 1999). Those that have eavesdropped on his stage magic or his blueprint in the recording studio aren’t shocked by his longevity. The revaluation is Adam’s ability to walk several musical directions.

To wear one hat and flourish is difficult enough. To balance three takes proficiency and high competence. Adam and his faithful enjoy his unique brand of speed folk, the alter ego James K Folk (playing the songs of They Might Be Giants), and the two person band the Externals (with Katie Feeney).

In 2012 Adam Rivera’s SuperAuspicious saw the light of day. Adam leads the brigade with vocals and guitar, Chris Harry takes the drum stool, Kyle Graham handles the keyboards, and Adam Z fingers the bass. The four are a cohesive unit as made evident with a wonderful opening track The Answer. Adam obviously knows the question; he’s been around long enough to know the importance of the first song. The Answer sets the tone for thirteen cuts that combine folk, pop, and his own stamp of individuality.

The follow-up track Unsaid articulates plenty with a high energy opening before the vocals take root.

Contradiction a song placed perfectly in the middle of the running order is another ear catcher. In less than two minutes the high octane rocker says more than many tunes three times the length.

Thirteen numbers all creating a premium listening experience.


Adam Rivera- Rorschach Radiowaves

A multitude of artists that release a quality record as Adam Rivera did in 2012 (SuperAuspicious) would rest on their laurels and savor every moment before heading back into the studio for the follow-up. Adam’s work ethic would never allow new material taking a backseat to a pat on the back.

2013 gives us another gem, Rorschach Radiowaves. One change in the personnel department, Ryan Malloy takes a seat on the drums.

The opening track Gone with a clever hook and a substantial vocal immediately pave a smooth road for the fifteen song experience.

Special Kind Of Us documents once again Adam’s ability to say a myriad of things in a short time span. Clocking in under two minutes it manages to deliver a knockout punch.

Take Three is another track of intensity. The musicians cook on all cylinders.

Near the CD’s end there is a perfectly titled number Road Song. Adam knows the highways well. He’s logged many a mile leaving a trail of a memorable songs and concert goers that got their dollars worth.

All the best,
Craig Fenton
Author: Jefferson Airplane “Take Me To A Circus Tent
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