One of These 5 NFL Teams is GUARANTEED to Win the Super Bowl This Year

It is that time of the year again. A new beginning, and a new hope, is there for every team. Every NFL team is tied for first place in their division, and all teams have equal odds to win this year’s Super Bowl!

Okay, that last part is not true, but the rest was pretty solid.

Last year we took a lot of heat by not including the San Francisco 49ers in our five team list that was guaranteed to be a Super Bowl winner, but that did not matter because we did include the Baltimore Ravens. We are now ready to unleash our bold prediction and narrow down the list of 32 NFL teams to 5 and we guarantee once again, the Super Bowl winner will be amongst them!

Before we get there, let’s take a look at every teams odds to win it all this year:

NFL Odds to Win Super Bowl:

San Francisco 49ers +490
Denver Broncos +600
Seattle Seahawks +725
New England Patriots +850
Green Bay Packers +1200
Atlanta Falcons +1600
Houston Texans +1600
New Orleans Saints +2000
Baltimore Ravens +2800
New York Giants +2800
Cincinnati Bengals +3000
Pittsburgh Steelers +3000
Chicago Bears +3500
Washington Redskins +3800
Dallas Cowboys +3900
Detroit Lions +4500
Minnesota Vikings +4800
Indianapolis Colts +5000
Kansas City Chiefs +5000
Miami Dolphins +5000
Carolina Panthers +5500
Philadelphia Eagles +5500
San Diego Chargers +5700
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +5800
St Louis Rams +6500
Arizona Cardinals +12000
New York Jets +12000
Buffalo Bills +13000
Cleveland Browns +15000
Tennessee Titans +24000
Oakland Raiders +37500
Jacksonville Jaguars +47500

In our preliminary cuts, we are going to get rid of almost all of the lottery tickets and eliminate 7 of the bottom 8 teams. We are going to place them in our “No Chance in Hell” column. Not only do these teams not have a chance to win the Super bowl, these teams will be Cinderella stories to just make it to the playoffs. So we can go ahead and cross off: Arizona, St. Louis, N.Y. Jets, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Oakland.

This leaves us with 25 teams remaining…

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