Live Online Free NFL Streaming Options – Monday Night Football Week 1

The 2013 NFL Monday Night Football week 1 kickoff features two games, just has it has in previous seasons. Tonight, it will be the Philadelphia Eagles heading to down I-95 to face the Washington Redskins in the first game at 6:55pm EST. Then, the San Diego Chargers host the Houston Texans in the second game at 10:20pm… or whenever the first game ends. Both games are being broadcast by ESPN via television broadcast and free NFL streaming, live online.

In the first MNF offering, there are plenty of question out there that will make this game entertaining to watch ranging from “Is RG3 ready?” to “What the hell is this newfangled Chip Kelly offense all about?” ESPN’s standard Monday Night team of Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico are calling the shots for Eagles/Redskins with Lisa Salters doing the sideline work.

Our experts predict the Redskins win, covering the spread.


After the first game wraps, ESPN will jump over to San Diego and start that broadcast. The Texans are a 5-point road favorite against the Chargers… who have fallen into a quagmire of mediocrity as of late. That game will be called by the “back-up” broadcast team of Trent Dilfer and Chris Berman.

As of the end of last week, the game was still subject to blackout restrictions in San Diego since the game wasn’t sold out yet. Our experts are going with the Texans in this contest.

You can get view statistic down to players with painted toenails at ESPN’s Monday Night Football HQ.

Live Online Free NFL Streaming Options:

If (for some reason) you only have access to a computer or mobile device, you can watch tonight’s game live via ESPN’s free online stream at Device restrictions DO apply for the MNF games.

If you have SiriusXM satellite radio, you can listen online as they will be streaming over four different channels for the first game, and three for the second. For the 7:10 broadcast featuring the home Washington crew tune into internet channel 831. The Philadelphia away broadcast crew will be on Internet channel 823. The totally unbiased national broadcast crew will be streamed on channel 88 and the brodcast en Espanol will be on 971.

For the 10:20 game, tune into internet channel 825 for the San Diego home broadcast, and 812 for the Houston away broadcast. The national broadcast will be on internet channel 88.

If you are not a current SiriusXM subscriber, you can stream both games for free if you subscribe to their 30-day trial. Check out for tonight’s and the full season broadcast schedule.

Enjoy the kickoff and, if you haven’t entered week 1, make sure you enter our Beat the House football pool in week 2, where if you win you could be watching the Super Bowl live in the stadium, and won’t have to worry about the free NFL streaming Options.