NFL Week 1 ‘Beat the House’ Contest Recap

Week one is officially in the books… both for the 2013 NFL Season as well as our Beat the House pick’em contest. The opening week of the NFL season usually comes with some super-shockers, and although there were a few upsets, there wasn’t a single “shock the world” upset in week 1. The week 2 NFL picks and predictions will be made shortly.

The teams that most of us thought would win outright were the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Washington Redskins. All three were heavily favored by voters… and all three failed to come out of week 1 victorious. Since the ‘House’ and voters both predicted wins for those losing teams, it came out even on the scorecard. The biggest “almost” was the Buffalo Bills almost beating the New England Patriots.

There were three games on the week 1 schedule in which voters disagreed with the House picks. Our in-house expert had the Cincinnati Bengals beating the Chicago Bears, the Green Bay Packer beating the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants besting the Dallas Cowboys. Even though two of those three picks (Bengals and Giants) were BARELY disagreed with, the House still had them wrong while the voting members were correct.

The member average was 13 correct picks to the House’s 10. The House almost won a point back by picking the Miami Dolphins to beat the Cleveland Browns, which they did, but a single extra vote in Miami’s favor tipped the scale to 50.1% agreeing with the pick.

We had a huge prize up for grabs in week 1… the winner of the week would get a free pass right into the Beat the House playoffs no matter what they did for the remainder of the season. There were 13 contestants still alive for the win going into the pair of Monday Night Football games. There were several combinations of game results that would produce different winners and ties. There was only one combination of wins, specifically the Eagles and Texans, that would result in a lone winner with no ties. That is exactly how the night panned out.

With 14 out of 16 correct picks, raider wins the week 1 prize and has earned the first playoff spot. Check out the Beat the House results page to see how you fared vs. the rest of the field.

The House will be making the week 2 NFL picks and predictions soon and they will be posted on the House Picks page. Sharpen your pencil and enter your own picks in an attempt to ‘Beat the House’.