NFL Week 3 Thursday Night Football Free Live Streaming Options

The week 3 edition of NFL Thursday Night Football has a nice little back story to it that you rarely get when teams from different conferences play each other. Tonight’s game features the Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Kansas City Chiefs… who are now led by former Eagles head coach Andy Reid. The game will be broadcast on the NFL Network and the Thursday Night Football free live streaming options are listed below, so you can watch or listen to the game online.

The Andy Reid back story to the game may only be just that, without any kind of residual drama. Reid was a players’ coach so none of the current Eagles players has any dislike for him since he was fired and didn’t just quit, so none of them will get especially pumped up for the game. On the other side though, we’ve already heard some rumblings from Chiefs players along the lines of “winning one for coach”.

Whichever team comes out more fired up, they still will pale in comparison to the electricity in the Philly crowd. Whether or not any anger will be directed towards Andy Reid remains to be seen, but the tailgating started at the Philadelphia sports complex before most of you reading this were at work this morning.

Our in-house football expert has the Chiefs winning this game outright.


NFL Week 3 Thursday Night Football Free Live Streaming Options:

If (for some reason) you only have access to a computer or mobile device, you can watch tonight’s game live via NFLN’s free online stream at, however they are only streaming to select internet providers. check out the site for the list of providers.

If you are a subscriber to SiriusXM satellite radio, you can listen online or via personal device since they will be streaming different broadcasts over multiple channels. For the broadcast featuring the home team Philadelphia crew tune into internet channel 823. The Kansas City away broadcast team will live stream on Internet channel 815. The audio stream of the NFL Network broadcast crew will be live on channel 88 as it typically is. Finally, you can listen to the Spanish commentary on channel 972.

If you are not a current SIRIUS|XM Radio subscriber, you can still stream it for free if you sign up for their 30-day trial. Click the link directly above for more information or to sign up.

Enjoy the game and make sure you enter our Beat the House football pool after you’ve decided on your NFL Week 3 Thursday Night Football free live streaming option. If you win the grand prize you will be watching the Super Bowl LIVE in the stadium… the ultimate streaming option!