Poll Results: Hottest Jewish Celebrity Babes

With Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur behind us, those of ye olde Jewish faith are now side curls deep in the holiday of Sukkot – yep, we’re aware the spelling opens up a Pandora’s box of jokes – a religious session of foregoing work and opting for festivities.

And what’s more festive than putting together a list of gorgeous female Jewish celebs for some survey fodder? That’s right, the pious rabbis at Pornhub.com, the premier destination for online adult entertainment, did just that, using their leisure time productively to bring you the following results.


It looks like the majority of the over 3,000 respondents polled have put Scarlett Johansson at the top of the heap with (30%) of votes (989). Suppose the bigger surprise is that ScarJo isn’t a shiksa after all.

The rest of the list goes as follows:

PornHub.com Hottest Jewish Celebrity Babes:

Scarlett Johansson (30%, 989 votes)
Mila Kunis (24%, 795 votes)
Bar Rafaeli (10%, 315 votes)
Natalie Portman (9%, 306 votes)
Kat Dennings (5%, 173 votes)
Emmanuel Chriqui (4%, 133 votes)
Rachel Weisz (3%, 92 votes)
Rashida Jones (3%, 91 votes)
Emmy Rossum (3%, 86 votes)
Ashley Tisdale (2%, 68 votes)
Sarah Michelle Geller (2%, 63 votes)
Lea Michelle (2%, 50 votes)
Michelle Trachtenberg (1%, 38 votes)
Gina Gershon (1%, 20 votes)
Jamie-Lynn Sigler (1%, 18 votes)
Zoe Kravitz (1%, 17 votes)
Evan Rachel Wood (0%, 15 votes)
Esti Ginzberg (0%, 11 votes)

Some eye candy from the top vote getters…

There are some definite surprises on that list, and how long the PornHub rabbis spent doing the research, who knows? But hey, probably best not to mensch-ion it.