NFL Week 3, 2013 Picks, Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

Week two offered the bait and we took it. The mighty 49ers looked awesome vs. Green Bay and the Seahawks struggled against lowly Carolina. This was time for the 49ers to get their revenge right? Just goes to show that things are not always what they seem in the NFL. Outside of that game, the Raiders covered and the Falcons and Bengals won their games for our parlay, pushing our NFL Season bet record to 4-2 and +11 units. Riot’s Rundown improves to 17-5. Not a bad start to the season, but do not cash out just year, there is plenty of football to be played! Let’s do it.

Chicago Bears @ Pittsburgh Steelers -1.5 -110: The Bears are a very average team right now. They are 2-0 thanks to a couple of close games. The Steelers are 0-2 because they couldn’t finish a couple of close games. The Steelers are who we thought they were. They are showing flashes of their former selves, but those flashes are the result of the lights flickering out, not flickering on. The truth is, without a great run game, Ben Roethlisberger is not an effective QB. Felix Jones will be the starter before too long, and he is a threat if he can get to the second level, but that won’t happen against the Bears. Quietly pickup Felix Jones on your fantasy football team and wait till next week. Gimmie Da Bears! Bears -1.5 -110 to win 2.5 units.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Seattle Seahawks -18.5 -110: The top of the Power Rankings is staying home to play the bottom of the Power Rankings. If you had a cool $4000 laying around you could make a 3 hour investment and profit $100 for your efforts. That is because the moneyline for Seattle is set to -4000. The line eventually opened up at -20, and the last eight 20-point NFL underdogs have covered the spread. The Jaguars are a horrible team, but they give up a lot of rushing yards, but not so much passing yards. (They haven’t played a team with a gun-slinging QB yet either). I think the Seahawks will run the ball a lot, that will eat up some clock. The Jags are going to try and keep this thing close so they can say “Look how good we did in Seattle”, so I think they will not put themselves in high risk situations. Seattle’s defense relaxes in the 2nd half up double digits and Jags get the cover. Jags +18.5 -110 3 units.

New York Giants @ Carolina Panthers +2 -110: The Giants are a decent team. The Cowboys was a close game where they kept shooting themselves in the foot. The Broncos are a better team than the Giants, the Broncos are a better team than anybody in the league if they can stay healthy and sober. The Panthers have been losing close games. First they lost to a tough Seattle team at home, then they went and lost on the road to the Bills. The Seattle one is forgivable, the Bills game… not so much. I am not sold on Cam Newton. I am not sold on their offense. Their defense is decent, but Eli has too many weapons and the Giants defense can hang tough when their offense is functioning properly. I think the Giants put this game away in the 4th. Giants -2 -110 to win 3 units.

Moneyline Madness Risk of the Week!:

Cleveland Browns @ Minnesota Vikings -270:

The Browns lost their RB via trade, and benched their starting QB in favor of Brian Hoyer. They might come out with a “Let’s show them attitude” but that false motivation will quickly fade because I do not think the Browns were good enough to win with Richardson at RB. Skeptics will say that the Browns have the best rushing defense in the league, but they haven’t played a RB like Peterson. Rice was banged up and he doesn’t have that great of a run blocking O-line. Let’s throw some cash at this Moneyline Madness Risk! Vikings -270 to win 3 units!

Riot’s Rundown (17-5): Bold team to win

San Diego @ Tennessee

Tampa Bay @ New England

Houston @ Baltimore

St. Louis @ Dallas

Arizona @ New Orleans

Detroit @ Washington

Green bay @ Cincinnati

Atlanta @ Miami

Indianapolis @ San Fran

Buffalo @ NY Jets

Oakland @ Denver