NFL Week 4, 2013 Picks, Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

The football gods giveth and the football gods taketh away. Week 2 was like a dream and Week 3 was waking up from that dream and realizing you are in a bathtub full of ice and your kidney is missing. As it turns out, the Bears are who we thought they were! The Vikings and Giants, not so much. A dreadful Week 3 brings our total to 5-5 and -1.2 units.

Although, we did go 9-2 on Riot’s Rundown, bringing that total to 26-7. Not too shabby, but alas, ever onward as we prepare to face Week 4! Let’s take a look:

Arizona Cardinals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers -2: 

The Buccaneers have problems. They had the worst passing game in the league. They made changes, but I am not sure if it’s going to help. Normally, you do not downgrade at QB to make your passing game better. There is a lot more to passing than just the QB, there are game plans  routes, blocking assignments…. none of those are getting better. The Arizona Cardinals have one of the best rush defenses in the NFL, so its going to put more pressure on Tampa QB Glennon. I think the Cards go in and take this game outright. Cardinals +120 to win 3 units

Pittsburgh Steelers versus Minnesota Vikings +3: 

Hey England, remember the war of 1812, you burned down the White House and all of our other government buildings? We forgive you, and as a sign, here is the mighty mighty 0-3 Steelers facing off against the overpowering 0-3 Vikings, in England, just for you guys. Enjoy!

In reality, these are two teams that are missing quite a few pieces. I think Steelers win this one, but I think each team will play it very safe trying to win this game, and their offenses are not that great. Big Ben will get a few deep shots, AP will bust off a big run, but I think both teams stay below 20 points. Under 42 -120

New England Patriots at Atlanta Falcons -3: 

The Patriots are 3-0, but in the words of GSP, “I’m not impressed.” Congrats on beating the Bucs, the Bill and the Jets. Two of those games were far closer than they should have been. The defense looks good, but let me see what they can do vs a high octane offense like the Falcons… in their own stadium. The same stadium where Matt Ryan is 35-7 as a starter. Atlanta owns a good rush defense, so there will be more pressure on Brady to get the ball to his inept receivers. I like the Falcons in this one. Falcons -3 to win 4 Units

Riots Rundown 26-7: Bold Team to win: 

Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars

Seattle Seahawks at Houston Texans

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs

New York Jets at Tennessee Titans

Dallas Cowboys at San Diego Chargers

Washington Redskins at Oakland Raiders

Philadelphia Eagles at Denver Broncos

Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints