Poll Results: The Hottest Women in Comedy

It’s said that women aren’t funny, but honestly, the good folks at Pornhub.com, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, beg to differ; especially because they know how tough it is to be female performer.

Porn and the world of comedy aren’t all that different – women in both industries are pros at putting their bits on display, knowing how to please a crowd, and are more than familiar with being headliners.

That said, Pornhub’s statisticians have taken to one of their world famous surveys to get a beat on America, and see who the people think the hottest female comedy personality really is.

It looks like the majority of the over 3,000 respondents polled have named Sarah Silverman at the top of the list of the hottest women in comedy with (20%) of votes (682). Not a big surprise, did you see her appearance at the Emmys?

Hottest Women in Comedy Pornhub.com Poll Results:

Sarah Silverman (20%, 682 votes)
Tina Fey (18%, 637 votes)
Aubrey Plaza (14%, 473 votes)
Whitney Cummings (11%, 399 votes)
Amy Schumer (11%, 377 votes)
Aisha Tyler (10%, 342 votes)
Chelsea Handler (7%, 246 votes)
Kristen Wiig (6%, 199 votes)
Anjelah Johnson (3%, 94 votes)
Margaret Cho (0%, 37 votes)

A few of the ladies above have previously been featured at TMRZoo.com due to their appearances on the Howard Stern Show. Click their name in the list above to see the galleries as they were originally posted.

Below are a few teasers…

Did they miss any of the hottest women in comedy in the poll? Let us know if you don’t agree with the results.