Celebrities That Have Hit the Wall and Totally Lost Their Looks

Hollywood is a magical city. It is also a punisher on the looks of the celebrities that call the city home. Alcohol, drugs, sleepless nights and the brutal Southern California sun can all quickly strip an actress of her looks. Typically there is not a gentle decay of these celebrities. Due to the aforementioned forces, it seems like when a celebrity hits the wall they hit the wall hard.

Here are 8 of the hardest hit of Hollywood.  These are women you may have once lusted over that most of us now would not touch with a ten-foot pole. This is not the good, the bad and the ugly it is more like – the haggard, the butchered and the ugly. With the money, these women have you would think they could keep themselves looking good.  

Thumb cortney coxCourtney Cox: This  has to be the biggest disappointments this list. The Friends star was once one of the most smoking women on the planet. Addiction to plastic surgery and the unforgiving California sun has turned the actress into a parody of herself. Try as they will most plastic surgery junkies cannot erase their past surgery failures.  Most try with more plastic surgery making a bigger mess each time they hit the table. I am expecting Courtney Cox to look like Joan Rivers or Dolly Parton in 10 years.

thumb Paz de la HuertaPaz de la Huerta: What a hot mess this chick has become. She made out list of the hottest crazy women in Hollywood just a couple of years ago. Now she is just crazy. Paz de la Huerta is starting to remind me of the bus driver broad from South Park. When you are hot you can get away with be a little crazy, train wrecks not so much. When we watched, Boardwalk Empire most thought it was a reach for Steve Buscemi to be with Paz de la Huerta. No one is thinking that anymore.

Thumb goldie hawnGoldie Hawn:  Holy shit in a handbag! What happened to Kate Hudson’s mom? Goldie Hawn was once one of the hottest women to walk this planet. She is yet another victim of plastic surgery and the unforgiving California sun. Courtney Cox take notice this is where you are heading baby.  I remember Goldie’s titillating topless tub scene in the movie “Wildcats”, if I walked into that bathroom now, I think I would hold her head underwater and put her out of her misery.

thumb Catherine Bach NowCatherine Bach: The woman who the term “Daisy Dukes” was coined for couldn’t get her old wardrobe past her calves these days.  No Catherine Bach is not a victim of bad plastic surgery and the unforgiving California sun. She has been plighted by the all you can eat buffet. Catherine Bach looks a bit more like Boss Hog than Daisy Duke these days. The good news for Catherine Bach is her face though large still looks natural. A few months on the treadmill and maybe she would be able to squeeze back into her denim yeast infection factory.

Thumb Catherine OharaCatherine O’Hara: Looks like we have a Catherine double shot going on here. Do you remember Kevin’s mom in Home Alone? Well, yep that is her on the left. Catherine O’Hara has gone from MILF to Muppet in warp speed. Macaulay Culkin would without a doubt recreate his famous Home Alone double face-palm if he bumped into Catherine O’Hara on the streets.  If there is a Beatlejuice II in the works Catherine O’Hara is more than capable of playing the ghoul version of her former self.

thumb Kathleen TurnerKathleen Turner: I think back to the days when Kathleen Turner was in the movie “Body Heat”. Kathleen Turner was a sexual tornado before she fell into the grips of alcohol addiction. Most recently, Kathleen Turner starred on Broadway in the revival of Neil Simon’s The Graduate. Turner took on the role of the seductress Mrs. Robinson, the only problem with the casting is when Kathleen Turner dropped her robe the audience begged her to put it back on.

HOMELY KATIE - Katie Holmes appears to have aged a bit as she is spotted out and about sans makeup and showing some gray hairsKatie Holmes: Did the witches of Scientology put a curse on Katie Holmes? The ex-Mrs. Cruise looks like she was hit by a cruiser. Wasn’t this chick the sweetheart of America just last week. I have yet to see a quicker slide from a 10 to a 4 in my life. I am sure Hollywood makeup artists have enough talent to make her look decent for a film. However, as you can see here if you passed  Katie Holmes on the street most likely she would not necessitate a second look.

Sharon Stone Taking Her Oldest Son Out To A Flea Market (USA ONLY)Sharon Stone:  This once smoking actress looks like someone was actually throwing stones at her face.  The list of smoking hot scenes in movies Sharon Stone has done are too numerous to list. Sad to say these days Sharon Stone would be lucky to get work. If the battered sex symbol did get cast in a movie there is no way in hell she is getting a sexy role. I have no clue what caused Sharon Stone’s looks to fade maybe it was simply time’s cruel joke.

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