NFL Thursday Night Football Free Week 8 Streaming Options – Live Online

Here we are again with another “great” prime-time NFL football contest. The Thursday Night games have been brutal this season. After tonight’s contest between the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the combined record of the teams playing in the last two prime-time games is 6-21. If you are one of the nine people in the country who care about this game, it will be broadcast on the NFL Network with a live online free week 8 streaming option, but only to select internet providers. SiriusXM satellite radio will be streaming live audio as well.

The Carolina Panthers are the pride of these two prime-time games as mentioned above… even before the game is played, they have more wins than the other three teams combined, at 3. They are also coming off of a 2-game win streak where they handily defeated the Vikings and Rams, scoring 30 or more in each of those games, while not letting their opponent score more than 15. The Panthers head into this game against the Bucs favored by 6 in the point spread.


The Buccaneers on the other hand, haven’t done many good things so far in the 2013 NFL season. They are one of the two remaining teams that does not have a single tick in the win column yet this year. The rest of their schedule isn’t a cakewalk either. This game against Carolina may prove to be their best shot at not going 0-for on the season.

NFL Free Week 8 Streaming Options:

If (for some reason) you only have access to a computer or mobile device, you can watch tonight’s game live via NFLN’s free online stream at, however they are only streaming to select internet providers. Check out the site for the list of providers.

If you have SiriusXM satellite radio, you can still listen online as they will be streaming over three different channels. For the broadcast featuring the home Tampa Bay Buccaneers crew tune into internet channel 829. The Carolina Panthers away broadcast team will live stream on Internet channel 804. The totally unbiased NFL Network broadcast crew will be streamed on channel 88 as it typically does.

If you are not a current SIRIUS|XM Radio subscriber, you can stream it for free if you sign up for their 30-day trial. Click the link directly above for more information or to sign up.

There are multiple other free live online streaming options, but they are illegal overseas streaming sites and we don’t link to, or even post, content of an ill-nature on this upstanding website, so you’ll have to find those yourself.

Enjoy the game and make sure you enter our Beat the House football pool where if you win, you can say f*ck free online streaming, because you will be watching the Super Bowl live in the stadium.

If you come across any other legit Thursday Night Football free week 8 streaming alternatives, let us know or post them in comments section.