NFL Week 9, 2013 Picks, Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

What a week it was. We came into week at a weak 10-12 and down 3.29 units, but kicked ass, took names and chewed a bit of bubblegum. We ended up going 3-0 and winning 14.55 units. That moves our yearly total too 13-12 and up +11.26 units. Riots rundown continued its winning ways by going 5-2, bringing our yearly total to 55-28. Let’s see if we can keep things rolling with a few week 9 games.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots -6: I think everybody expected these two teams to take a step back this year. The Patriots were thin at WR and TE, meanwhile the Steelers were basically the Ben Roethilsburgers. The Patriots have actually proven to be one of the top teams in the league again. Somehow they keep finding a way to get it done. The Steelers… well… we were right about them. They are struggling, and especially struggling early in the games. They gave the Raiders a 14 pt lead and were unable to comeback. I think the Patriots pounce early in this one. Patriots 1st half -3.5 -110 2 units


San Diego Chargers @ Washington Redskins -1: The Redskins are a tricky team to figure out. Especially last week. The have a defense similar to the Cowboys, they do not stop too many people, but they can force a turnover or two. Phillip Rivers has done an excellent job of not turning the ball over and being efficient. Both teams have weak defenses, especially in the passing game, but I think RG3 makes the Skins a bit more explosive. Perhaps the Chargers can crack the code and get to RG3, it only takes a few hits to knock him off his game, but I think Redskins will protect their QB and win this one at home. That home crowd will be insane, especially knowing that they have a chance to crawl back in the NFC East race. Redskins -1 -110 to win 3 units

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns +2: Remember that amazing deal the Flacco got ? All based off of the Super Bowl run where he put up good numbers and didn’t turn it over ? The problem is, Flacco is not that good. He is good, do not get me wrong, he can lead a franchise, but he can’t BE the franchise. Baltimore lost a lot of defensive players in the off season and it is showing. The Browns are a mess in their own right, but they have shown that they can throw some punches when they have a confident QB. Jason Campbell is that guy. Jason Campbell should have been starting for one of these train wreck teams weeks ago. He is a mobile QB who makes efficient passes and takes care of the ball. I think he does enough today to deliver the win at home. Browns +105 2 units

Riots Rundown 55-28: 

Chiefs @ Bills
Vikings @ Cowboys
Titans @ Rams
Jets @ Saints
Falcons @ Panthers
Eagles @ Raiders
Buccaneers @ Seahawks
Colts @ Texans