All-New Lexus RC Coupe to Make World Debut at the Tokyo Motor Show (Hi-Res Pics)

It is no big secret we are huge Lexus fans here at Personally, I am on my second Lexus in 10 years, looking to buy my third. You can imagine my excitement when I found out the all-new Lexus RC coupe will make its worldwide debut at the Tokyo Motor Show on Nov. 20th this year.

What makes this car so special is Lexus brought the Lexus RC coupe from concept-to-reality. Typically concept cars are just that. These awe-inspiring rides are designed to showcase new technologies, outside of car shows and special events they rarely see the light of day. That is until now.

The high performance V6 Lexus RC Coupe is making its to highways of America. This shockingly beautiful 2-door coupe has too many new technologies to list. From the new Lexus painting process that delivers a deeper-colored coating to the performance V6 gas and hybrid powertrains the new Lexus RC Coupe is state of the art.

You can see for yourself how beautiful this car is in the hi-res photos below. Be sure to also  check out the official press release of the Lexus RC Coupe here.