NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football Free Streaming – Watch & Listen Live Online

The NFL week 12 edition of Monday Night Football features the Washington Redskins hosting the San Francisco 49ers. Last year at this time, the future looked bright for the starting QBs of these two teams, Colin Kapernick and Robert Griffin III. Now the pair are stuggling, for various reasons, but it appears only one of them still has a chance to play past December. As usual, ESPN will be broadcasting tonight’s game, but you can also watch it online via the NFL week 12 Monday Night Football free live streaming options listed below.

Washington came into the 2013 season with high hopes but they were quickly brought down to reality as it became obvious that RG3 was not quite ready for prime-time yet, even though that is when their season opener was scheduled. It was also made obvious over the first few weeks that Griffin’s play making ability overcame some glaring holes in coaching and defense.

Before RG3 could shake all of the rust off, the Skins season was down the drain. Chalk this year up to experience, but the task won’t come easy against a hungry and desperate team like the 49ers.


San Fran was written in by many as the Super Bowl champs before a single down was played. Similar to the team with an ethnic slur as a name they are playing tonight, reality set in after a 1-2 start. The Niners quickly rebounded by winning five straight, but hit a wall again when they had to play the Panthers and Saints back-to-back for consecutive losses.

The 49ers are far from out of it with a 6-4 record, but even if/when they win tonight, they’ll still be three games behind the Seahawks and tied with the red-hot Cardinals. Fortunately they still have another match with each of them on their schedule… but that could be just as unfortunate.

In tonight’s game, the Niners are favored to win by 5 in the point spread. Pick ’em and don’t look back.

Watch NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football Free Online Streaming Options:

You can watch or listen to tonight’s NFL week 12 Monday Night football game online, but only if you have select internet providers.

Check out for ESPN’s free online stream and to see if you are subscribing to the right provider.

Listen to NFL Online – Week 12 Monday Night Football Free Live Audio Streaming:

Current SiriusXM subscribers can listen to different broadcasts of any game throughout the season as part of their internet subscription. Tonight’s game is no different. You can also give SiriusXM a free 30-day trial and get the next month of NFL games for free online.

Head on over to, internet channel 827 for the San Francisco 49ers broadcast and 831 for the Washington broadcast. The national commentary is being broadcast on channel 88 as usual.

Enjoy the final game of week 12 and if you can’t get to a TV, watch or listen to the NFL online via the options listed above.