New Video Teaches Women How to do Oral Sex for Her Pleasure (Video)

There is a massive shortage of oral sex happening in America. Why? Becuase most women think that there is “nothing in it for them,” that it is a purely selfless act that they do maybe once a year on his birthday. A new video just released in December by sex education media company, OneTaste, is about to change all that. Welcome to a world where women give oral sex for their own pleasure. Yes, this counter-intuitive technique shifts the paradigm of Oral Sex!

According to the ‘Esquire Survey of the American Woman,’ when asked how they feel about giving oral sex, a massive 46% of women said that “I like it because he likes it.” Only 30% said “I love it,” 19% admitted “I’ll do it but I don’t like it,” and 5% responded with “I won’t do it.” This online video aims to change the paradigm of women giving oral sex out of obligation or commerce, and instead finding for the first time that it is possible to give oral sex for her own pleasure.  And that doing it for your own pleasure, in turn, is the ultimate technique giving him exactly what he wants.

In this new video, a woman goes through her personalized journey of Oral Sex for Her Pleasure.  Women will learn how to slow down enough to feel her own body and give oral sex because it feels amazing to her. She will learn all the secrets that make giving oral sex unbelievably pleasurable, even orgasmic. So, that it’s not something being done out of obligation, but rather joy, desire, and inspiration. Oral sex is never going to be the same again!

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